Proposed Applications & Bylaws

This page will list proposed projects or developments that would have a substantial impact on Clearwater County's Land Use Bylaw. Updates to this page will be available as information is provided.

DateApplicantLocationDescriptionStatusDocument Attachment
May 30, 2023Darrell Misner
SW 22-41-06-W5M
Redesignate from Agriculture District “A” to Intensive Agriculture District “IA” to create one 20-acre parcel, to allow for the construction and operation of a fish farm.
Circulation for comment in the process

Public Hearing
PDF Document (Bylaw 1144/23)
April 11, 2023Rudy Radulff and Cody Stewart of Pro-Active Add-Ventures Ltd.
PT SE 19-35-08-W5M
Redesignate 6 acres from the Recreation Facility District “RF” back to the Agriculture District “A” within the proposed parcel.
Circulation for comment complete

PDF Document 
(click here for Bylaw 1141/23)
April 11, 2023Harry Blankert and Joanne Blankert
Pt. SW 27-34-05-W5M
Redesignate ±0.55 acres from the Agriculture District “A” to the Highway Development District “HD” with a combined boundary adjustment to expand the existing 0.93 acres “HD” parcel, for providing adequate parking, safer access, and egress to the existing businesses, and to one day, provide future EV charging on site.
Circulation for comments complete
PDF Document (click here for Bylaw 1142/23)
April 25, 2023Daniel and Heidi TensenPt. NE 28-39-04-W5MConstruction of a detached garage with VariancesCirculation for comments in processProposed Development Permit Application 53/23
April 20, 2023Dylan and Melissa NordstromPt. SW 29-38-05-W5MConstruction of a Residential Shop and Operation of Big D's Custom Cutting as a Tradesperson's Buisness with a VarianceConditionally ApprovedNotice of Decision
April 20, 2023Jeff and Jackie WagstaffPt. SW 26-39-05-W5MConstruction of a Residential Shop with a Variance to Allow a Front Yard LocationConditionally ApprovedNotice of Decision
March 15, 2023Riverside Recovery Inc. c/o Holly StewartPt. NE 17-34-05-W5MTo allow the operation of Riverside Recovery Inc. as a social care facility. Conditionally ApprovedNotice of Decision
February 10, 2023Mark and Kathleen Udall
SE 12-39-07-W5M
To redesignate ±5.0 acres from Agriculture District “A” to Industrial District “I” to allow for the operation of a trucking company with a subsidiary frac sand trans-load facility as a tradesperson business.Circulation for comments complete
PDF document (click here) Bylaw 1136/23
January 25, 2023Clearwater CountyNE 16-40-07 W5M 
To redesignated +/- 17.30 acres from the Agriculture District "A" to Institutional District “P”.
Circulation for comments complete
PDF document (click here) Bylaw 1134/22

January 25, 2023Clearwater CountySW 27-40-15 W5M Hamlet of NordeggTo redesignate +/- 7.51 acres from Agriculture District “A” to Nordegg Mixed Use Residence/Resort Commercial District "NMUR" and Nordegg Historic Core Commercial/ Retail District "NHC"Circulation for comments complete
PDF document (click here)
Bylaw 1131/22
January 25, 2023Aspen Land Group on behalf of Border Paving Ltd. and Edward KiemW1/2 18-37-35 W5MConsolidation of Two Existing Sand and Gravel PitsCirculation for comments complete
Notice of Decision
January 19, 2023Clearwater CountyStatutory Document that applies to of Clearwater CountyTo update the 2010 MDP Bylaw 923/10 to reflect current community trends and needs.Circulation for comments
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