Proposed Applications & Bylaws

On this page you can find information regarding significant development permit applications and bylaws that are proposed in Clearwater County. Content will be updated as information becomes available. 

Date Location Applicant Project Description Attachment Status
February 9, 2021Clearwater CountyClearwater CountyConsidering the granting of second and third readings to Bylaw No. 1104/21 to include a definition for "Solar Farm" under Section 1.7PDF
Public Hearing March 9, 2021 at 9:00 am
January 27, 2021NE 09-38-08-W5MPidherney's Inc. on behalf of Cody GarnettDevelopment of a sand pit, involving stripping, excavation and hauling of sand PDF  Referrals
February 11, 2020Clearwater CountyClearwater CountyReview and make minor changes to Clearwater County's Land Use Bylaw 1083/20 (formerly known as Bylaw 714/01)PDFPostponed Indefinitely

Copies of complete application packages are available for viewing in the Planning & Development Department at the County's Main Administration Building during regular business hours or call 403-845-4444 for more information.