Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance with Clearwater County's Land Use Bylaw (714/01) is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures orderly and sustainable development within the community, preventing haphazard construction that could compromise safety, aesthetics, and infrastructure efficiency. Secondly, adherence to land use districts regulations helps preserve property values by maintaining neighborhood character and minimizing potential conflicts between land uses. Additionally, compliance fosters environmental protection by guiding development away from sensitive areas and promoting sustainable land use practices.

Clearwater County enforces its Land Use Bylaw through various mechanisms, including the endorsement of Real Property Reports by Development Officers for compliance with the land use bylaw as outlined in the policy. Development permits and enforcement actions such as informational letters, written warnings, stop orders, and fines and penalties are also employed to ensure compliance with the Land Use Bylaw

Clearwater County respects and understands that everyone deserves to be treated fairly under the Land Use Bylaw. Pursuing compliance of properties and the uses of properties ensures that every resident and user benefits from the umbrella of equal responsibilities and freedoms based on the land use districts. Activity and development on properties should not unduly disturb residents, interfere with the amenities of a neighbourhood, materially interfere with, or affect the use or enjoyment of neighbouring properties.

If you have a complaint or concern regarding a contravention of the Land Use Bylaw, please contact the Planning and Development Department by calling 403-845-4444 or email

Please note: The County does not accept anonymous complaints. 

To Report a Complaint:

  1. Complaints must be received by the County in writing, using this form.
  2. When you submit the complaint, you will be required to provide your full name, legal land description and/or rural address, mailing address, phone number and email address. (This information is kept confidential; however, should a compliance order go to court, you may be called upon as a witness.)
  3. Please be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Details relating to the bylaw complaint, including the names of all involved (if known), date(s) of occurrence, day(s) of week, month, year and time(s) the event/activity/development occurred.
    • The rural address and/or legal land description of the property.
    • What you saw or heard, providing as much detail as possible. For example, the unauthorized clearing of trees or short-term rental uses in the Nordegg North Subdivision. Another example is the unauthorized construction, location or size of a building or the unauthorized operation of a business.
  4. The Development Officer assigned to your complaint will take action based on the Land Use Bylaw requirements in concert with the evidence available. Insufficient evidence may result in no action. In such instances, a warning may be issued. 
  5. To maintain confidentiality, the County does not report their findings nor the stage of enforcement to the complainant. However, should the County issue a Stop Order, a notice is posted on the property and the County website. 
  6. Clearwater County reserves the right to determine the extent in which enforcement is pursued.

Reference Documents

Active Stop Orders

Part 5 of the Clearwater County Land Use Bylaw states: Where the Development Officer determines that a development, land use or use of a building is in contravention of this Land Use Bylaw, Part 17 of the Municipal Government Act and its regulations or a Development Permit, he/she may issue a Stop Order to any or all of the owner(s) and/or occupants of the subject Land and/or Building and/or the person responsible for the contravention.

The below table will be updated as information becomes available.

DateLocationShort DescriptionDocument Link
May 3, 2024
Plan 772 2639, Block 1, Lot A (Pt. NW 21-39-07-W5M) #4 Voyageur Drive
Does not comply with the Clearwater County Land Use Bylaw given that: The lands are deemed unsightly with debris and refuse, and development approval has not been obtained.
April 22, 2024Plan 192 0168, Block 1, Lot 1 
(Pt. SE 29-36-05-W5M) 
54010 Township Road 36-4 

Does not comply with the Clearwater County Land Use Bylaw given that: Development approval has not been obtained.