Council's Partnerships

The Regional Family and Community Support Services program is made possible by funding from the province, Clearwater County, the Village of Caroline and the Town of Rocky Mountain House. Click here to learn more about Clearwater Regional  Family & Community Support Services (FCSS).
The County partners with the Village of Caroline and the Town of Rocky Mountain House to provide a Regional Fire Rescue service. 
In recognition of the valuable work that these dedicated volunteers undertake, Clearwater County supports Rocky Mountain House Search and Rescue by covering their annual insurance, vehicle maintenance and utility costs along with an annual operational grant.  
Clearwater County provides funding to STARS in recognition of the invaluable service they provide to the community.

Clearwater County provides funding towards the local School Resource Officer positions, Administration positions and Victim Services.  

In addition to providing insurance payment support for 16 local halls, Clearwater County also provides grant funding that community halls and associations can apply for with forms at this link.

We share recreation funding with the Town on a 50-50 basis for capital funding and a 25-75 basis for operational funding. Recreation funding goes towards items such as the operation of the Town pool and arena, as well as capital purchases such as building or field renovations.

Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee
The Town and County partner to encourage doctors to come the area and purchased the Rocky Mountain House Medical Clinic a to remove a barrier towards new physicians coming to the area.  

Community Support Service Agreement

Tax-exempt properties exist in both Town and County and provide services to residents of both municipalities. These properties include municipal government buildings, community halls, cemeteries, schools, public health facilities, churches and certain non-profit organizations as exempt from municipal property taxes under the MGA.

Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County have agreed to share the property tax exempt burden among ratepayers of both municipalities in the interest of advancing regional cooperation.

Rocky Mountain House Museum
Clearwater County and the Town of Rocky Mountain House both provide annual funding to the Rocky Mountain House Museum, which is operated by the Rocky Reunion and Historical Society.

Visitor Information Centre
The Town of Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County partner with the Chamber of Commerce to provide the local Visitor Information Centre. The Centre is funded on a 50-50 cost share basis between the Town and County and is managed by the Chamber of Commerce. 

Clearwater County provides annual capital and operational funding for the Rocky Mountain House Airport. 

Clearwater County funds 100% of the Village's recreation budget. Clearwater County provided $50,000 towards this in 2019.