Recreation Facilities / Groups

Recreation opportunities are bountiful within Clearwater County. In addition to the many outdoor recreation opportunities in the West Country, we are also home to a variety of parks, from small community playgrounds to large provincial recreation areas. 

For a list of community hall amenities/facilities, please visit the Community Halls webpage (click here).

Clearwater County has partnered with the Town of Rocky Mountain House and the Village of Caroline to provide recreation facilities and opportunities to residents and visitors alike. The County shares recreation funding with the Town of Rocky Mountain House on a fifty-fifty basis. Ninety per cent of the Village of Caroline’s recreation funding is provided by the County. By sharing funding with our partner municipalities we can ensure that County, Town and Village residents alike all have equal access to higher quality recreation opportunities.

Recreation facilities in our area include:

Recreation Grant Funding: North Saskatchewan and Raven Recreation Areas

Clearwater County also provides support for local community hall groups in the form of insurance payment support and capital and operational grant funding. Recreational organizations and groups that fall within the boundaries of the North Saskatchewan and Raven Recreation Areas are eligible for assistance with funding for small projects and programming. Learn more about recreation grant funding on the County's Grant Programs webpage.

For the purposes of this fund, recreation shall refer to those projects that give opportunity to people of all ages to take part in healthy and beneficial activities. Examples of qualifying projects would be shale for ball diamonds, boards for ice rinks, updates to playground equipment, etc. Funds may also be put towards a larger recreational project that has had the majority of funds raised through other sources. Operational or maintenance costs are not covered by these grants.

For a map of the County's recreation districts please click here

For guidelines or to apply for recreation funding in the North Saskatchewan and Raven recreation districts, please download and submit this form.