Settlement history in Clearwater County extends back over 200 years and includes a long history of ingenuity and growth. Explorers and traders, such as David Thompson, had an entrepreneurial spirit which set the mold for our modern day community.

Although much has changed in the past century – with the addition of roads, buildings and industries - this area still retains its natural attractions and cultural treasures, offering opportunity to various industries and a wide ranging community demographic.

Clearwater County meets both the Banff and Jasper National Parks on its western edge. A solid management policy combined with wilderness areas and ecological reserves, makes it one of the top ten places in North America for viewing the flora and fauna as well as other sight seeing and eco-tourism opportunities.

Camping opportunities abound, with over 40 private or public campgrounds in Clearwater County.

Fishing is unsurpassed; sport fishermen can tackle: Dolly Varden, Cutthroat, Rainbow, Brook and Lake Trout or Rocky Mountain Whitefish. Hunters have access to some of the finest big game in North America and the area has a number of professional guides and outfitters to make your expedition a successful one.

There are a few regions in Canada as rich and diverse in natural beauty, resources, industry and culture as this area known as the West Country.                              
In early 2017, a new regional tourism group called David Thompson Country was initiated by Clearwater County that oversees tourism and economic development in Clearwater County, Nordegg, the Town of Rocky Mountain House and the Village of Caroline.
Visitors from far and wide continue to venture into Clearwater County to enjoy the serenity of the West Country and the natural beauty of its landscape.