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Episode 1: Internet & Education, Part 1

Economic Development Officer Jerry Pratt welcomes Principal Tim Bowman of École Rocky Elementary to discuss the importance of Internet access to education. Despite the growing importance of reliable, high-speed Internet access to a quality education, large gaps in service remain. More than 10 percent of Canadians still do not have Internet access at home, while rural speeds are on average, ten times slower than urban speeds.

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Episode 2: Internet & Education, Part 2

Economic Development Officer Jerry Pratt welcomes Jana Thomson of the Rocky Learning Centre to discuss the evolution of continuing education. Sectoral shifts, changes in technology and market demands are all contributing factors in the growing need for employees to update their skills. With more and more education programs migrating online, high-speed and reliable Internet connectivity has become essential for accessing opportunities and earning credentials.

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Episode 3: Internet & Education, Part 3

Economic Development Officer Jerry Pratt welcomes Stacey Wigley, Principal of West Central High School to discuss how Internet access is influencing modern classrooms and the importance for learning outcomes. The digital mobilization of education has left many parents anxious about the availability of high-speed, reliable Internet access. The effects of the pandemic have exacerbated the problems of connectivity for rural students.

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Episode 4: Connecting Small Business

Economic Development Officer Jerry Pratt welcomes Roxanne Franczak, owner of Forkin' Delightful to discuss how Internet access is critical to success in the rapidly transforming world of digital commerce. As most business owners would agree, high-speed, reliable Internet access is no longer a complementary piece of the puzzle but rather an essential service that businesses need to grow, compete and innovate.

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