FireSmart™ Canada is a national program that helps Canadians increase neighbourhood resilience to wildfire and minimize its negative impacts. It was founded in 1993 to address common concerns about wildfire in the wildland urban interface.

Here's how FireSmart is being implemented in Clearwater County:

  1. Smart Planning and Zoning: FireSmart principles are integrated into the County's land-use planning and zoning regulations. Specific FireSmart zones are designated to guide responsible development in wildfire-prone areas.
  2. Public Awareness and Outreach: Various departments offer educational campaigns, workshops, and events to raise awareness about wildfire risks and prevention strategies. 
  3. Vegetation Management: New strategies are being implemented to reduce the risk of wildfires spreading to residential areas. Property owners are encouraged to create defensible spaces by adopting fire-resistant landscaping practices.
  4. Resilient Building Standards: FireSmart construction standards for new developments are adopted into the Nordegg Development Plan.
  5. Emergency Preparedness and Response: Comprehensive emergency response plans tailored for wildfire events are being developed. Practice exercises are conducted to ensure the community is well-prepared for any wildfire scenario.
  6. Community Collaboration: Local community groups are coming together to encourage active participation from residents, local businesses, and stakeholders.
  7. Infrastructure Protection: Firebreaks and fuel breaks are created to enhance the resilience of the community infrastructure.
  8. Government Partnerships: Collaboration with provincial  authorities is ongoing to align municipal policies with broader wildfire management strategies. 
  9. Ongoing Monitoring and Assessment:  Regular assessment and monitoring of wildfire risks within the region are conducted. Adaptation of FireSmart plans based on changing conditions and emerging risks. 
  10. Innovation and Research: Support for research and innovation in wildfire prevention and management continues. Staying informed about cutting-edge technologies and best practices to continually improve FireSmart programs. 

Residents are invited to explore the FireSmart initiatives, get involved, and contribute to creating a wildfire-resistant environment for everyone in

Past Projects:

FireSmart Bike Trail

Alberta Forestry and Parks, in partnership with Frontier Lodge, have developed over 12 km of new FireSmart bike trail for present and future generations to witness the growth of a healthy forest and safer community. Visitors will witness the dynamic forest growth and change both seasonally and yearly.
The trail starts at the Fish Lake provincial recreation area and connects to many pre-existing trails. It consists of eight boardwalks and has picnic tables at vista locations.

  • Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • Tourism Parks & Recreation
  • Alberta Conservation Association
  • Western ATV Association
  • West Fraser

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