Burn Notifications & Fire Permits

Burn Notification in Clearwater County

Burn notifications are utilized in Clearwater County (as per Clearwater County Fire Rescue Services and Fire Control Bylaw 1069/20) year round. These notifications are used to inform Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services (CRFRS) of a controlled burn, to prevent the unnecessary dispatching of resources. Burn notifications are free of charge and strongly encouraged. 

How to complete a burn notification:
  • Complete the form found at the bottom of this page 
  • Call the burn notification line at 403-845-7711.
If you would like more information about the burn notification system please contact CRFRS at fireadmin@clearwatercounty.ca or by calling 403-845-4444

I live in the Forest Protection Area (FPA) within Clearwater County; do I need to complete a burn notification?

Yes, it is strongly recommended you submit a burn notification and obtain a provincial permit. Click here for frequently asked questions about the burn notification.

Fire Permits in the Forest Protection Area of Clearwater County

Approximately 85 per cent of Clearwater County is in the Rocky Mountain House Forest Area (see map below). During Wildfire Season, March 1 to October 31, Alberta Wildfire is the governing jurisdiction for this area for burn permits and fire ban status. All burning activities in Alberta’s Forest Protection Area (FPA), excluding campfires, require a fire permit

Fire permits in the FPA are free and can be obtained online or by contacting your local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry office. To obtain an online permit visit firepermits.alberta.ca or you can contact the provincial Rocky Mountain House Forest Area office at 403-845-8250

If you are burning without a permit or not following permit conditions, your fire could be considered a wildfire and you could be fined and may be responsible for the costs of suppressing the fire. Learn more about Alberta Wildfire at wildfire.alberta.ca.

Clearwater County FPA Boundary

Click here for a printable version of the above map.

Click here for a more detailed map of the FPA in Clearwater County.

Click here for a fire control zone map of the FPA.

Fire Control Zone Map of the FPA.