Property Assessment Map

Summary reports are currently delayed.  We are working on the issue and will have the report links available asap.  
Thank you for your patience. 
(note posted April 19, 2024).

What is a property assessment map?

Clearwater County has created a property assessment view map where you can view assessment information of any property. 

This property viewer allows you to access property information such as land-use, addresses, tax roll numbers and up-to-date assessment information of any property within the municipal boundary of Clearwater County. 

To open the below map in a new window, click here.

How to use the map:

To locate a parcel, (1) click on the map, or (2) search by the address, legal description or roll number and then click/tap the parcel, (3) query by tax roll number. Detailed help is available by clicking the “Help” button at the top right corner of the page.

For further information and inquiries regarding your assessment, please contact or call 403-845-4444.