The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a collection of policies that act as an overall "blueprint” for future land use and physical changes in Clearwater County. It provides a long-term vision of the type of community that County residents and ratepayers desire. From there, policies focus on topics such as land use, protecting the natural environment, economic development, infrastructure, and community amenities and services provide direction on how to reach the vision.

The draft version of the new MDP (Draft July 2022) was drafted over the course of two years of public engagement, and it builds on multiple other studies, strategies and plans completed by Administration over the past several years. There is an existing MDP that was adopted in 2010 and will be replaced by the updated MDP submitted for Council’s consideration. 

Click the above image to view the What We Heard Report (Nov 2022)Click the above image to view the new draft (July 2022)

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Project Timeline

Below is a timeline of events that will be taking place during this year. Also the timeline shows the past events and consultations that took place during the previous years.