Municipal Grants

Federal and provincial grants are offered to many different levels of government to supplement their capital and operating costs. With the support of these grants, Clearwater County was recently able to pave the Sunchild road and upgrade the wastewater system in Nordegg. 

Grants used by Clearwater County

Agricultural Service Board (ASB) Grant Program

This program supports Agricultural Service Boards in the development and delivery of environmental extension programming and administration of legislative requirements under the Agricultural Service Board Act.

Federal Gas Tax Fund

Formerly known as New Deal for Cities and Communities (NDCC), the Federal Gas Tax Fund was introduced in 2005 as a five year program to support municipalities in addressing their sustainable municipal capital infrastructure needs.

Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA)

FRIAA was established to promote and initiate projects that enhance Alberta’s forest resources. FRIAA is committed to the administration and delivery of seven projects: the Forest Resources Improvement Program (FRIP), the Community Reforestation Program (CRP), the Wildlife Reclamation Program (WRP), the Incidental Conifer Replacement Program (ICP), the Mountain Pine Beetle Program (MPB), the Fire Hazard Reduction & Forest Health Program (FHRFHR), and the Forestry Worker Employment Program (FWEP). 

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF)

Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the federal government has established the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund (ISF) that provides funding to provincial, territorial and municipal construction-ready infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

Major Community Facilities Program (MCFP)
MCFP is designed to assist communities with the planning, upgrading and development of large public-used facilities in order to enhance community life and citizen well-being.

Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) – Capital Funding

This program provides support to qualifying capital cost that result in the purchase, rehabilitation, betterment or construction of infrastructure that enhances long term municipal sustainability.

Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) – Conditional Operating Funding

This program provides support to qualifying operating expenses related to planning activities, capacity building, municipal services and support to non-profit organizations.

Rural Transportation Grant

The purpose of this program is to assist rural municipalities in developing a network of roads to a uniform standard commensurate with demand and need, to increase the safety of the traveling public and to ensure required engineering is undertaken for approved projects.

Resource Road Program (RRP)

Provides financial assistance for transportation construction projects which enhance the movement of goods/people to new or expanded, valuable processing facilities.  Although the program was terminated in 2003, projects currently committed under the RRP will continue until completed.

Transportation Grant (Sunchild Road)
The transportation grant was specially designed and offered to Clearwater County by the provincial government for the development of the Sunchild road.

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