Information for Voters

Clearwater County held 16 voting locations for the General Election on Monday October 18, 2021 from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.

For a complete map of Clearwater County divisions and voting locations, click here. 

Voter registration was available until October 12, 2021. If you were unable to pre-register you can still vote!

Clearwater County Council approved preparation of a permanent electors register, this is a compilation of Clearwater County residents that are entitled to vote in the upcoming 2021 election. This new process strives to create accountability and transparency for voters.

Personal information contained in the list of electors is protected by Elections Alberta in accordance with the spirit of Alberta’s privacy protection legislation. Therefore, internal access to the register of electors is provided only to Elections staff who have a need to use the register and have sworn oaths of confidentiality. Public access to the list of electors during elections serves an important democratic purpose. However, in an effort to balance this purpose with the equally important principle of privacy protection, access to the list of electors is becoming more tightly controlled and are no longer publicly posted during elections.

The following information was collected during the registration process:

  • Name – First, Middle and Last
  • Address – Residential Address and Mailing Address(if applicable) 
  • Citizenship
  • Birth Date
  • Gender (OPTIONAL) 
  • Telephone number (OPTIONAL) 

Use and Protection of Information

Data from the register of electors is used to produce the list of electors for each electoral division. The list of electors contains only a portion of the information stored in the Register:

  • Name – first, middle and last
  • Address – residential address and mailing address (if applicable)
  • Telephone number (if provided) 

The list of electors is used by election officers at the polls. Electors that are on the list at their current address do not need to provide identification to vote. Access to list information is also available to:

  • Registered political parties
  • Candidates
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly, and
  • Electors who wish to see their information

Elections Alberta commits to protecting the privacy of registered electors. Any information we maintain is for electoral purposes only.

The law further limits how we distribute or use your information. Any information we share is subject to physical and electronic safeguards. We trace persons who attempt to misuse such information. Any misuse of information may result in fines up to $100,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both. For more information check out Guidelines on Access to and Disclosure of Alberta's List of Electors.

You are eligible to vote if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Canadian citizen
  • Resident of Clearwater County
  • Provided the required proof of eligibility as required by Section 53 of the Local Authorities Election Act.


In order to vote in the upcoming municipal elections, voters will be required to provide proof of their name and home address. The following types of verification meet the standard provincial requirement for one piece of identification:

  • Bank or credit card statement or personal cheque
  • Correspondence issued by a school, college or university
  • Government cheque or cheque stub
  • Income or property tax assessment notice
  • Insurance policy or coverage card
  • Letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee
  • Pension plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation
  • Residential lease or mortgage statement
  • Statement of government benefits (for example, employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support or child tax benefit)
  • Utility bill (for example, telephone, public utilities commission, television, hydro, gas or water)
  • Vehicle ownership, registration, or insurance certificate
  • Identification issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial or local, or an agency of that government) that contains a photograph of the elector and their name and current address
  • Proof of Identity and Residence for Tenants issued by a property management company
  • Proof of Identity and Residence for Incarcerated Elector issued by the authorized representative of a correctional institution
  • Proof of Identity and Residence issued by a First Nations band or reserve
  • Proof of Identity and Residence for Post-Secondary Student Elector in Residence issued by a post-secondary institution
  • Proof of Identity and Residence for Homeless Elector issued by a facility that provides services to the homeless
  • Proof of Identity and Residence for Elector in Long Term Care or Supportive Living Facility issued by supportive living facility or treatment centre
  • Supportive Living Facility issued by a supportive living facility or treatment centre

If a voter’s identification shows a post office box number as the address instead of a residential or legal address, it can be accepted as verification of current address if it is in reasonable distance to the voting jurisdiction.

An elected authority could, by bylaw, require additional verification or a combination of verification to establish the person’s specific current address.

See the Voter identification requirements for more information.

Don't know what ward/division you live in? New this year, you can find your division on your 2021 Assessment & Tax notice. You may vote at either polling station within your Division, but it is ideal that you do vote at the recommended polling station. Please note that upcoming tax notices (delivered via mail) will include information indicating your Division.

In the meantime, here are Clearwater County Division Maps:

If you would like a large scale Division Map of the County or have any questions as to what Division you live in please email  or call 403-845-4444.

What if I’m unable to vote on Monday, October 18th?

The Provincial Government has determined the date for general municipal elections in Alberta is the third Monday in October, as set out in the Local Authorities Election Act.  Clearwater County recognizes, however, that there are voters in the County who may be unable to make it to voting stations on that day to cast their ballot. To ensure all those who want to take part in the democratic process are able to do so, Clearwater County will be providing an advance vote day on Monday, October 4, 2021.

Advance voting prior to Election Day will be on Monday, October 4th will be available at two locations:

Voting Station No. 1                  Rocky Mountain House, AB

Voting Station No. 2                  Caroline, AB

from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Advance voting is open to all eligible voters in Clearwater County.

Eligible voters are able to attend an advance voting station and cast votes for Councillors and school board trustee, no matter what division they live in. This is different than Election Day, where voters must attend a designated voting station in their division.

Requirements for eligibility and identification remain the same for advance votes as on Election Day. Voters will also still be required to sign the voter registry, stating they are eligible and entitled to vote in the Clearwater County General Election.

If voters are physically unable, going to be absent from the jurisdiction, candidate, official agent or scrutineer who may be located on Election Day at a voting station other than that for the elector’s place of residence, advance voting and Election Day, Clearwater County is providing the opportunity to vote by special ballot.

At its November 10th Regular meeting, Council passed a bylaw allowing the Returning Officer to provide special ballots which may be requested:

  • in writing, 
  • by telephone
  • in person, or 
  • by email

The Returning Officer then provides each approved voter with a special mail ballot package. It is the voter’s responsibility to follow the included instructions and return the package to the Returning Officer. Special ballot packages received by the Returning Officer remain sealed until the close of voting and then are opened and counted.

Applications for special ballots will be accepted during the County’s regular business hours between August 1st in the year of an election and 5:00 p.m. on Election Day. 

For any questions regarding advance votes, or to sign up for a special mail ballot package, please contact Returning Officer Sabrina Walter at, or 403-845-4444.