Frequently Asked Questions

What types of development require a development permit?

On residential parcels, any building larger than 150 square feet, including a building on skids, requires development approval. On agricultural parcels, farming and non-residential farm buildings are "deemed approved" and do not require a development permit. All residences, including mobile homes, and buildings used for non-agricultural commercial purposes require a development permit. Please note: even if development approval is not required, it is still necessary to ensure that you are meeting the County's yard setback requirements for the placement of your buildings. You are also required to get the appropriate building permits to ensure that what you are building meets Provincial code. For development of commercial and industrial parcels, please contact the Planning and Development Department for more information.

How long does it take to receive development approval?

Most development permits take approximately 4 weeks for approval. If your development permit application is for a discretionary use which requires the approval of the Municipal Planning Commission, it may take up to 6 - 8 weeks to receive your development permit.

What do I need to operate a business in Clearwater County?

Clearwater County does not issue business licenses. For businesses to operate in the County, they require development permit approval. Most business development permit applications go to the Municipal Planning Commission for a decision. Please contact the Planning Department for additional information.