Nordegg Manufactured Home Subdivision

As part of its efforts to support development and provide a wide range of housing options in the growing community, Clearwater County is introducing Phase I of the Nordegg Manufactured Home Subdivision. It is comprised of 30 parcels located on Quarry Road in the east side of Nordegg. (Click on the information sheet on the right).
  • The parcels will accommodate the placement of a new or relocated manufactured home or a new park home model.
  • The parcels range from 0.034 hectares to 0.069 hectares in size.
  • Purchase prices range from $55,000 to $75,000.
  • Purchases made before December 31, 2020 will receive a 5 per cent discount.
For more information, please contact Lorna Moore with Royal LePage Tamarack Trail Realty at 403 844 9644.






Terms and Conditions

  • All lots are available for purchase and are not for lease.
  • Purchasers must develop lots within 3 years.
  • Roads and approaches are presently gravel. The roads will be paved in 2021.
  • All homes must be connected to communal water distribution and sewerage gathering systems.
  • All homes must be placed on a proper foundation in accordance with the Alberta Building Code. 
  • Basements are not allowed.
  • The undercarriage of all homes must be skirted.
  • It is the responsibility of each lot owner to construct a minimum 20’ x 20’ gravel parking area between the existing approach and the home to accommodate two parking stalls as required in the land use district.
  • Construction of a second approach to an individual lot is subject to County approval.
  • The County will install perimeter fencing to provide partial screening from Quarry Road and to prevent access from individual lots onto County land. Lots must be fenced to the satisfaction of the development officer.
  • There are some restrictions on outside storage and parking.
For the complete list of terms and conditions please contact Lorna Moore with Royal LePage Tamarack Trail Realty at 403 844 9644.