Mountain View County

A draft Mountain View County-Clearwater Clearwater County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) has been prepared in anticipation for a future bylaw and subsequent public hearing. Clearwater County welcomes any comments or questions the public may have regarding the proposed drafts. The following link leads to a copy of the Mountain View County-Clearwater IDP.

Background Information

Mountain View County and Clearwater County have worked together to prepare an IDP for the long-term future of bordering lands. This plan will set the desired path for future development within half (1/2) mile on each side of the shared boundary as shown in the IDP (click on the image below to view map document in a new window).

An IDP is a policy plan agreed upon between two municipalities to coordinate their land use planning, infrastructure planning and service delivery decisions.
The purpose of an IDP is to provide neighbouring municipalities with a high level, comprehensive long range land use plan for lands immediately surrounding or adjacent to another municipality such as a village, town, city or an adjacent county. IDPs provide joint policy direction for proposals for future development; transportation systems; intermunicipal infrastructure; environmental matters; coordination of intermunicipal programs related to physical, social and economic development; dispute resolution; and procedures to amend the plan.

What does this mean to you?

The IDP described how the two counties will coordinator decisions about land use around the shared/common boundary over the next several years. It also includes ways the two municipalities can work together to accomplish the desired future land use for the Plan Area.

What happens next?

We are interested in your comments about the draft IDP. Please send us any comments you may have by November 29, 2019.
If you have questions or concerns regarding the above plan, please contact:
Kim Gilham, Senior Planner, at 403-845-4444 or