North Nordegg Development

A Public Open House will be taking place Friday November 29, 2019.
Over the past fifteen years, the County has been involved with the planning of a new community in Nordegg on both a long term overall scale, and on a smaller project by project basis. One of the larger projects was the writing of the Nordegg Development Plan and the Nordegg Development Plan Design Guidelines. These plans provide for the long-term direction of Nordegg development and were arrived at through public consultation and the work of a committee consisting of Nordegg residents, County Councilors, consultants and staff. County Council adopted the plans in November of 2000. These documents are available at the County office for a small fee to cover copy and reproduction costs.

Other areas of planning that have been addressed over the past number of years involved the setting up of five phases of residential acreages, three cottage lot subdivisions, and a commercial acreage subdivision all of which are located on the north side of highway 11.

Planning for developments in the old town site area has been somewhat more difficult. Several additional studies have been necessary to determine the status of soil conditions and landfills. Also, the existing wastewater system was in need of major upgrading before new commercial and residential subdivisions could be created.  Construction began in 2009 on a new lagoon and forcemain.  This work continued through 2010 and was completed in 2011 with the reclamation of the old lagoon.

In 2005, the County completed the construction of Phase I of an Industrial Park subdivision, located several km. south on the Forestry Trunk Road. These lots are currently available for sale and are intended to accommodate industrial businesses operating in the West Country.

The funding for all projects comes out of a "land reserve” created primarily through the sale and development of lots in Nordegg. No funding is intended to come from the County municipal tax sources. Since the County acquired ownership of the lands, all County development in Nordegg has been financed in this manner. Land is sold creating a cash reserve and this reserve is then used to develop additional lands for sale.

In 1996, the County undertook the construction and development of a twenty-two lot residential acreage subdivision on the north side of Highway 11. These lots were made available for sale by January of the following year. The winter of '96/97 saw the building of a twelve lot commercial subdivision just to the west of the residential lots. These lots went on sale in the spring of '97. A second phase of twenty-two residential lots was created in the spring of '98 and became available for sale by the summer of that year. In 2002, a twenty lot cottage subdivision was constructed and the lots were put up for sale in April of 2003. A third phase of residential acreages was constructed in the fall of 2003 and went on sale on August 19, 2004. Twenty-three new residential acreages and twenty-one cottage acreages were sold in 2006. An additional eight residential lots and twenty-two cottage lots were sold in 2007.

The County in conjunction with Alberta Environment and Parks, has undertaken a number of fuel modification projects on the northern end of the town site.  This is being done in accordance with recommendations set out by the Nordegg Wildland / Urban Interface Study which revealed that the conditions for fire were extreme in the Nordegg area.  This work is very labour intensive as it involves the thinning out of spruce and pine, cleaning up the deadfall on the ground and removal of the bottom three meters of ladder branches on the remaining trees.  Nordegg acreage owners are encouraged to carry out similar fuel reduction measures on their properties.  In 2006, a fuel modification project was initiated on the south end of Nordegg around the water infrastructure facilities, and further work was undertaken in 2009 and 2010.

One other area where the County undertook some development work was with the twelve duplex units located in the old town site. The duplexes were given a facelift by replacing the windows and doors and applying new vinyl siding. The power lines were relocated in order to upgrade the back alley and rear access to the lots. Three common garages were also removed to allow for the building of the back alley. These twelve units were then subdivided into twelve separate parcels and were sold in the fall of '98.

In 2006, a twenty-five acre parcel of land was surveyed out, title was created and then sold to the Nordegg Recreation Association.  This organization had been leasing these lands since 1985, first from the Province and after 1996 from Clearwater County.

The total value of property sales in Nordegg has exceeded 9.4 million dollars to date.

The County began development of a new cottage subdivision in 2009.  This subdivision consists of 69 Leisure Residential Lots.
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