County News

Condor Construction Commences in 2023

The contractor will be returning to Condor on May 1st, 2023, to re-commence construction. They will begin grading and packing roads than continue with the concrete work for the sidewalk and curb and gutter.

Work still to be completed within 2023, by the current contractor, is sidewalk and curb and gutter, road and approach grading, replacing the sanitary line on Condor Road to the Public Service Building, and landscaping. Paving is to commence after the current contract is completed.

Updates to the current design include a lateral shift, to the west, of Condor Road to accommodate placing the sidewalk back on the east side of Condor Road from Railway Ave north to the Charlotte Small Elementary School south approach. The new design will also create additional parking on the east side of Condor Road in front of the school.

Once construction is completed the County will be placing lighted crosswalk signals at the crosswalk by the mailboxes.

The timing and the duration of these projects will be subject to contractor scheduling and weather.  As with most major construction projects, some travel delays are expected.   We understand these delays can be an inconvenience but your patience and understanding is appreciated. 

For more information, please visit our website at or contact Kate Reglin, Capital Projects Supervisor, at 403-845-4444 or