Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services (CRFRS) was established 1999 when Clearwater County, Town of Rocky Mountain House, and Village of Caroline fire services combined. CRFRS has five fire stations located in Nordegg, Rocky Mountain House, Leslieville, Condor, and Caroline and operates as a paid-on call fire service.

CRFRS service level include Fire Suppression, Vehicle Rescue, Medical Response, Water/Ice Rescue and Public Education.  

Paid-on call firefighters are alerted to emergencies and those who are available, respond to their assigned station to provide emergency response services. In addition to emergency response, Paid-on call firefighters also attend regular evening training and occasional weekend training as well as participate in fire prevention activities.

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Burn Notifications & Forest Protection Area (FPA)

Clearwater County requests you complete a burn notification (burn notification FAQ) for all burning activities (except campfires) within the municipal boundary. Click here to learn more about the process and to submit a burn notification. 

During wildfire season (March 1 - October 31), fire permits are required for any burning, except campfires, in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta (FPA). If you are within the FPA section of Clearwater County you are required to obtain a provincial fire permit and a burn notification through the resources located here

If you are burning without a permit or not following permit conditions, your fire could be considered a wildfire and you could be fined and may be responsible for the costs of suppressing the fire. By getting a fire permit, you help keep our firefighters free to fight real wildfires instead of responding to the smoke in your backyard.

Fire permits are free and now available online. Visit or contact the provincial Rocky Mountain House Forest Area office at 403-845-8250

Application Manual & Application 

The application manual is available and summarizes how the fire department operates, and provides critical information on what to expect as a paid-on call firefighter with CRFRS. Click here to read the CRFRS Paid-on Call Firefighter Recruitment Application Manual.

The application is available to apply to become CRFRS Paid-on Call Firefighter. 

Click here to download an application.

Minimum Requirements to Apply 

  • At least 18 years of age. 
  • Live in close proximity to one of our fire stations. 
  • Able to meet training requirements, this includes one evening a week and occasional weekend training. 
  • Previous firefighting/emergency response is an asset but not a requirement.
  • Possess a valid Alberta Driver's license (less than 6 demerits).

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services does not have any full-time or part-time firefighters, CRFRS employs paid-on call (POC) firefighters. These individuals are alerted to emergencies and those who are available, respond to their respective fire station to get dressed in the appropriate protective gear to respond in the provided emergency vehicles. 

Our POC firefighters play a vital role in the delivery of emergency response to Clearwater County, Town of Rocky Mountain House, and the Village of Caroline, responding to over 500 incidents annually and maintaining internationally recognized training standards. Apart from direct support to emergency operations, our POC's contribute countless hours of time in support of our communities.

Firefighters of Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services: 

  • Respond to calls day and night under stressful and often emotional conditions; 
  • Give back to the community through their desire to help people in need;
  • Face new challenges with courage and dedication; 
  • Willingly learn new skills;
  • Can control emotions during times of crisis; and
  • Develop a strong sense of accomplishment and passion for their responsibilities within the community.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 403-845-4444.  

Station 10 Leslieville 

Address: 50072 Township Road 39-4A        
Staffing: Paid-on Call
This station has been operational for over 40 years. The new Leslieville Public Services Building opened in 2021. This multi-use facility is home to the new Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services Leslieville Fire Station and accommodate the needs of Clearwater County field staff when working in the region.

Station Specific Incident Statistics
Total Response per Year

Station 20 Condor

Address: 390017 Range Road 4-5, Condor, AB    
Staffing: Paid-on Call
This station has been operational since 1982. The new Condor Public Services Building opened in 2019. This multi-use facility is home to the new Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services Condor Fire Station and accommodate the needs of Clearwater County’s Public Works and Agriculture and Community Services departments.

Station Specific Incident Statistics
Total Response per Year

Station 30 Caroline

Address: 5027 50 Street, Caroline, AB                   
Staffing: Paid-on Call
This station has been operational since 1986.

Station Specific Incident Statistics
Total Response per Year

Station 50 Nordegg

Address: 8008 Quarry Road, Nordegg, AB                  
Staffing: Paid-on Call
This station has been operational since 1914. The new Nordegg Public Services Building  opened in 2012. This multi-use facility showcases the existing partnerships within the community, as the building accommodates Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services - Nordegg Station; Clearwater County Public Works staff and equipment; leased space for Alberta Health Services (Ambulance Services); and, office space for Clearwater County Peace Officers and RCMP.  

Station Specific Incident Statistics Total Response per Year

Station 60 Rocky Mountain House

Address: 4920 52 Street, Rocky Mountain House, AB             
Staffing: Paid-on Call
This station has been operational since 1983.

Station Specific Incident Statistics
Total Response per Year

Thank you for your interest in learning more about fire and life safety! All prearranged fire station tours and event requests are scheduled through the CRFRS Public Events Committee (PEC). The PEC is comprised of Paid-on Call (POC) Firefighters from each of our five stations.

We value the opportunity to provide a better understanding of what we do for our community. Public engagements provide members of the public an opportunity to meet the dedicated CRFRS firefighters, learn important fire and life safety information, tour the fire halls, firefighting equipment and apparatus.

***Before submitting any type of request ensure you read the general guidelines and liability statement (linked here). 


Fire hall tours at the Rocky Mountain House hall are only scheduled on the first Tuesday and third Wednesday of each month, between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  

Fire hall tours at the Condor, Caroline, Leslieville and Nordegg halls are available upon request Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (depending on availability of Paid on Call firefighters).  

To complete a tour request form, please click here.


When requesting for CRFRS to attend any other types of events, please provide as much information as possible in order for us to best accommodate your request.  

If you have any questions on these processes or types of events CRFRS has attended in the past you can contact us at 403-845-4444 or

To complete a community event request form, please click here.


School visits can be scheduled on select days.  

To complete a school visit request form, please click here.

Fire Codes are established to protect citizens in residential and public places. Fire codes apply to you, whether you are planning a special event, renovating a building, or hanging office decorations. CRFRS Safety Code Officers can assist you with fire safety planning and ensuring you comply with the National Fire Code (Alberta 2019 Edition).

CRFRS Fire investigators are available to assist with fire permit approvals, occupancy levels and compliance inspections to ensure the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) requirements are met and adhered to. Our Safety Codes Officers work with local businesses and building owners/managers to ensure the safety of employees, customers and other members of the public. To learn more about the Fire Codes and Standards in Alberta click here.

Fire Safety Plan

The purpose of this document is to assist building owners and managers to prepare effective and useful Fire Safety Plans. Fire Safety Plans contain measures to:

  • Control fire hazards in a building
  • Ensure a safe and orderly evacuation of a building in case of fire
  • Effective utilization of fire protection systems and equipment in buildings

Fire Safety Plans are prepared in the best interests of building owners and occupants and dependent upon the use and occupancy and any unique features. A building owner or agent has a responsibility to implement the provisions of a Fire Safety Plan and should include specific information on the building and its contents.

For a fire safety plan for Small buildings including construction, demolition and/or renovation safety plans, click here.

Fire Safety Maintenance Requirements

This reference document lists the typical fire safety maintenance requirements as found in the National Fire Code, 2019 Alberta Edition, for a complete list of requirements see the National Fire Code, 2019 Alberta Edition. For the condensed Fire Safety Maintenance Requirements document, click here.

Pre-Inspection Checklist

This checklist was created to simplify the Alberta Fire Code requirements for business owners. The information included is  required that need to be met in order to operate a business within Clearwater County, the Town of Rocky Mountain House and Village of Caroline. 

Click here for the checklist, please ensure all applicable requirements are met prior to requesting a fire inspection.

Guideline for Classes of Cooking Operations

This Guideline for Classes of Cooking Operations is intended to provide you with the basic decision-making criteria related to the need for suppression and/or ventilation in a commercial cooking operation. This is not intended to replace the need for a registered professional, but more of a tool to assist in determining the classification of a cooking operation for your facility. Click here for the guideline.

In 2020, BEHR Integrated Solutions completed the Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services (CRFRS) Fire Services Master Plan, which provides an operational roadmap for the future of fire services in the region. 

Click here to download the complete Fire Services Master Plan.

Annual reports are to used to provide an overview of Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services statistics and important highlights for each year. The focus of the report is to provide information about CRFRS operational duties, services, as well as some frequently asked questions. 

CRFRS is teaming up with the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) — the official sponsor of Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW) for more than 100 years — the 2023 FPW campaign was “Cooking safety starts with YOU. Pay attention to fire prevention™.”

The campaign works to educate everyone about simple but important actions they can take when cooking to keep themselves and those around them safe. 

For more general information about Fire Prevention Week (or fire prevention in general), visit and

The following resources are made available by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA®) for Fire Prevention Week, download yours today to keep your family. 

For Fire Prevention Week, CRFRS hosted five events to educate the public about fire safety in Nordegg, Leslieville, Condor, Caroline, and Rocky Mountain House.