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Property Taxes

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Property taxes are a way of fairly distributing the cost of providing local government services among the residence and businesses that use them. Property tax is calculated and billed annually using the property's assessed value, as found on your property assessment notice, and the Council-approved property tax rate. In order to calculate taxes you will need to multiply the assessed value of the property by the tax rate:
Property Assessment   x    Tax Rate    =   Property Tax
The property tax system has two parts:

  1. Assessing the value of your property. (Completed by the County’s Assessment Department)
  2. Setting the annual tax rate.  (Set annually by Council based upon the County’s budget as developed by the County’s Finance Department)
The Government of Alberta determines the criteria under which property assessment takes place. The criteria are dependent upon the type of property being assessed.

The tax rate is set by Clearwater County Council annually. The overall tax rate is comprised of four different tax rates:
  1. Municipal
  2. School
  3. Seniors Foundation
  4. Uncollectable School
All the individual tax rates are set based upon the required requisitions. Clearwater County receives only the revenue generated by the Municipal tax rate. Clearwater County collects the School tax on behalf of Alberta Education. The uncollected school tax is the amount of tax dollars that were not collected the previous year, but paid to Alberta Education. 

Seniors tax is collected on behalf of Westview Lodge in Rocky Mountain House and the requisitioned amount is shared between Clearwater County, the Town of Rocky Mountain House and the Village of Caroline.

2018 Tax Rate 

During their regular meeting on May 8, 2018, Council set the 2018 Municipal Tax Rates with Bylaw 1047/18. In 2018, the residential categories will see an increase of 3% and 6% for non-residential, farmland, machinery and equipment categories over 2017 rates. With this year's decrease in provincial education tax levy, the overall net effect on the combined tax bill should be minimal for properties subject to school tax.

Property Taxes are due September 17, 2018

Payments can be made in person by debit or cheque (post-dated cheques are welcome). You can also make payments online or by mail.
Reminder: if cheques are returned by the bank, taxes are considered unpaid. Tax Penalty Bylaw 986/14 indicates that an 8% penalty is applied on the day after the taxes are due (September 18)  and 4% on December 14.