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Clearwater County will soon be accepting applications for 2019 Dust Suppression Program
The pricing for the Cost Share Program will be finalized over the next few months and the sign-up deadline is June 1, 2019.
The cost of one Dust Suppression application and three years of maintenance including, the year of application, is $3,701.00. Under current County policy, half (50%) of this cost is borne by the Client, and half (50%) by the County.

Initial Dust Suppression application costs in the 1styear are approximately $3,151.00 for 500 feet (150 meter). $550.00 of the total cost is remaining to maintain the integrity and ride-ability of the Dust Suppression for three years including the year of application.

Maintenance is performed on an as required basis as determined by County staff. "Active” Dust Suppression will be inspected on a yearly basis to determine what maintenance is required, if any.

"Inactive” (i.e. Dust Suppression not covered under a 3-year agreement) Dust Suppression requiring significant maintenance will be scarified to achieve a pothole free driving surface. This may reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the Dust Suppression. If the Dust Suppression is deemed unsafe for public travel or beyond reasonable maintenance, Clearwater County will revert the site to a gravel condition.

Maintenance will vary from hand patching potholes with cold mix to scarifying and relaying the Dust Suppression. Winter maintenance will be carried out as deemed necessary.

 Clearwater County offers two (2) methods of payment for the Client.

A.         SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-FOUR CENTS ($616.84) plus G.S.T. upon signing the agreement and SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY-FOUR CENTS ($616.84) plus G.S.T. within 30 days of Clearwater County invoice for each of the following two years after signing of the agreement.


B.         ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ($1,850.50) plus G.S.T. upon the signing of this agreement. No other payment will be required of the Client.

The $616.84 payment for first year and $616.84 payment for second and third years indicated in Option A does not indicate the cost per application of Dust Control per year but is strictly a payment plan which enables the Client to pay the total fee of $1,850.50 in three installments.

Magnesium Chloride Seasonal Dust Suppression
The County will supply Magnesium Chloride dust suppression for a distance of 500 feet (150 m) in front of a farmstead, residence or business on municipal road allowance.
The cost of one Magnesium Chloride Dust Suppression application is $1000.00. Clearwater County will subsidize 2/3 of an application providing the portion of $666.50, leaving remaining $333.50 to be paid by contract holder.
Dust suppression warranty shall begin on the day the dust suppression is applied and runs to September 30th of the year of application. The Municipality will have the right to maintain the dust suppression as it deems necessary.
Clearwater County will require full payment prior to application of dust suppression. Please note this contract will not be automatically renewed each year.