The Amalgamation Committee is committed to keeping everyone up to date on the amalgamation process and negotiations. 

To date, the Amalgamation Committee has proposed recommendations for 24 mandatory items and will reconsider three. On these three items we want to hear from you:

  • number of elected officials for an interim council.
  • the number of electoral wards/divisions.
  • how the new municipality will be represented.

All public input for these items will be collected and represented in a ‘What We Heard Report’. The Amalgamation Committee will review the Report and consider the feedback prior to finalizing these three recommendations. Please take a moment to complete a survey to provide your feedback on these items. See link below.



Fact Sheet:

News Releases:

It is important to note that no final decision has been made about amalgamation by either Village Council or Clearwater County Council yet. 

The decision must be made by both the County and the Village, and then a request will be sent to the Province of Alberta.