On Farm Demonstration & Research

Clearwater County is part of a very unique agriculture region within Alberta. Our high annual precipitation, short growing season and unique soils set us apart from most other areas of the province. Unfortunately, because of our unique situation many of the agronomic trials and resource information available does not fully apply to Clearwater County. To allow producers the opportunity to experience, see and learn about new and different farming practices and ideas Agricultural Services organizes and implements on farm agronomic trials. These trials include weed and pest plots and trials, cereal crop variety plots, grazing management demonstrations and shelter belt and wood lot management. Agricultural Services is mandated to promote and encourage a thriving and diverse agricultural community. Our on farm demonstrations allow farmers to experience new concepts and ideas before they implement them on their farm.

Trial Plots

2012-2013 Swath Grazing Trial Plot Report

2013-2014 Triticale Swath Grazing Report

2013 Gluten Free Garden

2018 Cover Crop Trial Plot Report

2020 Pulse Crop Report

2020 Survivor Winter Pee Evaluation 

2020 Surge Spring Triticale Viability Evaluation Plot