Agricultural Services Board (ASB)

The Agriculture Services Department is governed by the Agricultural Services Board (ASB) on the basis of Council approved programs and budgets. The ASB operates within guidelines provided by the provincial Agricultural Services Board Act.

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The Clearwater County Agricultural Services Board is the voice of agriculture to Council, responding to issues of local, provincial, national and international interest.  Through the Clearwater County Agricultural Services Department:
  • We provide programs and services dedicated to the well-being of the agricultural community
  • We focus on preserving and protecting agricultural and environmental resources. 
  • We administer agricultural and environmental legislation pursuant to the Agriculture Service Board Act.  


Clearwater County is a thriving community with a variety of agricultural operations all given full opportunity to be sustainable and to co-exist in a well-balanced rural community. 


Clearwater County Agricultural Service Board provides high quality services to the community ensuring the protection of our natural capital, quality of life, and traveling public.  


Integrity – We support local research and provide reliable, objective information.
Partnership – We connect with local, provincial and national resources.
Accountability – We achieve our mission in a transparent and efficient manner.
Commitment – We are approachable and follow through on requests.
Representation – Our focus is on what is best for the whole.

Board Structure

The Board is comprised of two councilors, five appointed Farmer Members at Large and an alternate. A Farmer Member’s term is 4 years, which may be extended for a second term. The ASB also appoints members from the Board and community to serve on subcommittees of the Board. The structure of the Board is in compliance with the structure options laid out in the Agricultural Service Board Act.

Provincial Agricultural Service Board Act and Regulation

This Act sets out the framework for the establishment of Agricultural Services Board (ASB) by the council of a municipal district or specialized municipality. ASB activities include: soil and water conservation; providing for weed and pest control; assisting in the control of animal diseases; encouraging sustainable agriculture to improve the economic viability of producers; and promoting agricultural policies that meet the needs of the municipality. The Minister may enter into agreements with ASBs in order to provide funding for the mentioned activities. Additionally, advisory committees may be established for these purposes and agricultural fieldmen may be appointed in order to help carry out operational functions.

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Provincial ASB History

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