Firefighter Recruitment

Applications are being accepted from September 1 to October 31, 2021. 

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services does not have any full-time or part-time firefighters, CRFRS employs paid-on call (POC) firefighters. These individuals are alerted to emergencies and those who are available, respond to their respective fire station to get dressed in the appropriate protective gear to respond in the provided emergency vehicles. 

Our POC firefighters play a vital role in the delivery of emergency response to Clearwater County, Town of Rocky Mountain House, and the Village of Caroline, responding to over 500 incidents annually and maintaining internationally recognized training standards. Apart from direct support to emergency operations, our POC's contribute countless hours of time in support of our communities.

Firefighters of Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services: 
  • Respond to calls day and night under stressful and often emotional conditions; 
  • Give back to the community through their desire to help people in need;
  • Face new challenges with courage and dedication; 
  • Willingly learn new skills;
  • Can control emotions during times of crisis; and
  • Develop a strong sense of accomplishment and passion for their responsibilities within the community.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or 403-845-4444.