Physical Fitness Testing

The members of Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services shall maintain their level of physical fitness so as not to impede the performance or safety requirements of the job (emergency response).

  1. Annually all CRFRS members shall successfully complete the Firefighters Physical Fitness Evaluation as detailed in Appendix A, while in full firefighter Personal Protective Equipment (including SCBA).
  2. New recruits will be required to successfully complete the Firefighters Physical Fitness Evaluation (detailed in Appendix A, while in full Personal Protective Equipment (not on air) during the recruitment process.  Should the recruit be unsuccessful they will be allowed to retest once a week later, it unsuccessful a second time will not be considered for a recruit position.
  3. New recruits will be provided a copy of the fitness evaluation with application package.  This will allow them to review their ability to complete the fitness evaluation with their doctor during their required initial medical clearance.
  4. All participants (firefighters) must fill out and sign a PAR-Q+ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire – Appendix B) prior to attempting to complete the physical fitness evaluation.
  5. Annual medical questionnaire (Par Q+) for all members (if no changes reported proceed to physical test; if changes reported request doctor’s evaluation before participating in physical fitness evaluation).
  6. Unsuccessful participants (firefighters) will immediately be placed on modified duties (Appendix C) and will have 30 days to successfully complete the physical fitness evaluation.  Should the participant be unable to complete the physical fitness evaluation on the second try within 30 days the firefighter shall meet with the Station Captain, Sr. Captain or Battalion Chief to discuss in writing plans to improve their physical fitness with target dates not exceeding 6 months from date of the second attempt.  The firefighter will remain on modified duties until such time they successfully complete the physical fitness evaluation.
  7. Vital signs will be conducted prior and after fitness test.  And someone with medical training will be present during testing.

Firefighter Physical Fitness Evaluation

The physical fitness evaluation for CRFRS will test strength and endurance/cardiovascular capacity, both of which are required to perform firefighter job related tasks.  

Existing CRFRS members will complete the evaluation Full Firefighter PPE (turnout, boots, helmet, gloves, flash hood, face piece and SCBA - breathing) 

New Recruits will complete the evaluation in Modified PPE (turnout, boots, helmet, gloves, flash hood, SCBA – non-breathing.  This will give new applicants the exposure to our gear, its weight, and also test their comfort/performance while wearing the additional weight of our PPE.  

Participants will have 20 minutes to complete the evaluation.

  • Job Skill #1 - Drag a charged 1.5” (38mm) hand line 100’ (30m)
  • Walk back to start – active rest 100’
  • Job Skill #2 - Pick up Irons set walk 50’ – (25’ out and back to ladder raise position)
  • Job Skill #3 - Raise and extend 24’ (2-fly) ladder at least 3 rungs – position at predetermined point
  • Job Skill #4 - Move to secured ladder and climb to 8th rung (both feet) for 5 repetitions
  • Active rest 100’ walk
  • Job Skill #5 - Ceiling pull simulation – use roof hook to raise and lower (over a pulley) a 35lb weight for 10 repetitions
  • Job Skill #6 - Pick up high rise pack (consisting of two 44mm hose lines with nozzle) and proceed into hose tower to complete 5 laps on the stairs from ground floor to base of vertical ladder – Exit hose tower and place high rise pack in marked area – Substitute 4 ladder climbs to 8th rung in absence of stairs (without high rise pack)
  • Active Rest 100’ walk
  • Job Skill #7 - High Volume Hose Pull 100’ - 1 Hi-Vol 4” hose rolled
  • Active Rest 50’ walk
  • Job Skill #8 - Rescue drag of Randy (185lbs) – 100’
  • Job Skill #9 - V-Ex Hydraulic tool carry – 50’
  • Job Skill #10 - V-Ex tool hold at three pre-identified (12”, 32”, 42” off ground) positions for 30 seconds per position
  • Evaluation Complete – Time stops.