Off Highway Vehicles

All Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) have the potential of starting a costly wildfire, to prevent this from happening follow the tips provided below. 
Prevent debris build up around: 
  • the exhaust;
  • engine and manifold;
  • wheel wells;
  • underneath the seat; and
  • avoid musket all all times, if you cannot avoid it, stop and remove any debris that may have build up in the areas listed above. 

Washing your OHV:
  • Ensure that your spark arrester (you are required to have a spark arrester on your OHV) and muffler are in good working condition. Any alteration to the factory components can increase your chance of starting a wildfire and can lead to enforcement actions.

By being aware that your OHV could possibly start a wildfire and by taking the proper precautions, you can prevent a potentially devastating event. Remember, if you are responsible for starting a wildfire you can be charged under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and be held responsible for the costs incurred to fight it.
If you spot a wildfire or see an out-of-control fire call 310-FIRE toll-free anywhere in Alberta. 
To learn more about OHV Safety and how you can help reduce the risk, click here