2020 Fire Service Master Plan

In mid to late 2020, BEHR Integrated Solutions completed the Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services (CRFRS) Fire Services Master Plan, which provides an operational roadmap for the future of fire services in the region. 

Phase One included the consultants conducting stakeholder consultation with over 30 people in-person interviews including elected officials and firefighters at various levels [HQ (4) Battalion Chief (3), Senior Captain (1), Captain (2), Lieutenant (2), Firefighter (4)].  In-person firefighter interviews were coordinated with a cross section of representation from all five fire stations, including fire members engaged with various committees. The broader fire service participated with an online survey with 50 respondents, more than half of the paid on call firefighters participating.  

Phase Two saw BEHR collect data for review of community risks, fire services, administration and available resources. During this phase Administration provided BEHR with all of CRFRS’ historical call data, agreements, budgets, bylaws, demographics, recent Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS), Quality Management Plans, mitigation strategies, risk assessments, service level reviews, training and standard operating guidelines.  

Phase Three took from August until October and the resulting Master Plan included BEHR's review performance, risk and gap analysis for the following plan areas: Emergency Fire Rescue Response; Facilities; Committees; Apparatus; Mutual Aid Review; Fire Prevention Public Education; Administrative Review; Insurance Underwriters Review.

Click here to download the complete Fire Services Master Plan.